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Aloha utilizes the most effective and evidence-based practices in their ABA services. 

Precision Teaching- Precision teaching is a type of programmed instruction that focuses heavily on frequency, i.e. number of responses over time. We don't just want your child to be able to perform skills, we want them to be able to perform them quickly, and accurately. By focusing on fluency (accuracy and speed), the teacher can then adjust for each learner to maximize their learning based on the learner's personal fluency measurements. 

Direct Instruction-Direct Instruction is utilized to teach clients explicitly in a structured, and sequenced format in order for the most time-effective learning. This is also utilized in order to prepare students for a more mainstreamed learning experience that is teacher directed and utilizes active student responding. 

Standard Celeration Charts- Aloha prides itself on the latest technology in data-driven analysis. By using the standard celeration chart, we are able to determine more variables for effective or ineffective learning and make appropriate changes to programming faster. The standard celeration chart utilizes a measurement of frequency (rate over time) and celeration (growth of learning across time). Our goals is to teach our clients to be faster learners. 

Natural Environment Teaching- We want everything we do to be fun for our learners, so we teach through natural occuring play in order to make learning easy and fun!

For more information about Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction, the Standard Celeration Chart, and NET contact us!

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