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People with a passion for serving the community

The owner of Aloha, Amber Duran, has been in the Behavioral Healthcare field since 2014. In 2010 she started her bachelors degree in communication and speech disorders from the University of South Alabama. In 2014 she graduated and moved to Colorado Springs. There, Amber found her passion for behavioral health. She graduated with a double masters degree from Ball State University in Applied Behavior Analysis and special education, with an emphasis in autism. 

Amber believes in the growth of our children with developmental disabilities, and wants to show the world the great work that can be done in the lives of the children of Kailua, the island of Oahu, but ultimately, the world! Her passion for her clients is evident every day, in her research of the latest strategies, collaboration with the top professionals in the field of ABA, and the most fun learning opportunities out there. Amber believes that learning should be fun! She believes that there shouldn't be limits set on children because of their diagnosis, only methods in place to help them become successful members of society. When you work with Aloha Behavioral Practice, you become family, you receive the best science out there, and you connect with the community and other families who understand you, and your family. 

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