Happy Halloween Kailua!

We are so excited to provide a sensory friendly Halloween night for our community in Kailua. Due to the pandemic, we understand that our families need some contact less activities this year. We are trying to get as many families involved so that this Halloween can be celebrated, even if just a little differently. We are so thankful for our community, and we are hoping this year we can spread a little joy with this small activity. It is so important for our families to be able to find opportunities for fun and relaxation with the stress of the recent changes. This is our attempt to give relief.

Here is how it will work:

Hidden Halloween pictures will be posted around Kailua town on October 31st. Each family will be given riddles to point you in the right direction. For our older students, under the pictures we will be adding a word scramble. Each family can drive around town together on a Halloween hunt. Once you have found all the pictures or unscrambled all the words, you will be able to turn in your scavenger hunt card for a bag of treats! We hope you can join us, and we look forward to showing you the tricks up our sleeves!

Email us at for more information or to sign up!

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